Agropartes is a family business which makes and markets replacement parts for self-propelled forage harvesters.

We have highly qualified and trained professionals and state-of-the-art technology in order to make top quality products and parts, as well as to achieve an excellent benefit-cost ratio.

We support forage producers and contractors from a broad perspective, with product diversification, flexibility, trained Human Resources’ staff and cutting edge technology. We work with numerical control machine tools, such as milling machines, metal folding machines and laser cutting pantographs, among others, in order to have the latest and best technology required by the forage market.

We stand out for the quality of our products, our price competitiveness, and our effective door-to-door delivery service with our own units.

We are located in the town of Oncativo, Córdoba Province, on Autovía Nacional Nº 9, one hour away from Córdoba City Airport, and 45 minutes away from the Villa María Airport.

Our History

From the times of Victorio, Gaudencio and Atilio Del Boca to these days, Agropartes S.A. has more than 120 years wholly dedicated to working with, handling and industrializing steel.

From 1890, with the first iron fittings for sulkies, almost 100 years later with ASSE and their rotary rakes, until now, many family generations have assumed this job and the challenge of adding value to it as a way of life.

That commitment with history developed into learning opportunities, humble contributions to the national industry, and the basic pillars for planning the future of those who now plan the organization’s destiny.

As a national SMB, Agropartes S.A.  aims at being a leader in the making and marketing of parts for self-propelled forage harvesters in Argentina and Latin America.

From Oncativo, Córdoba, Agropartes S.A. covers the unmet needs of those who work in the field.

Agropartes S.A … More than 120 years committed with the national industry.

Agropartes Blade … When buying original parts, we are the right alternative!