How do I find the name of a product?

You can search for it by category on the website’s left panel o by entering a word or the product’s code in the website’s search engine, located on the upper part of the screen.

Can I place orders or ask for estimates online?

At the moment you may only ask for estimates. In the message’s subject, you should include the product’s name as well as the Blade Code. Please, also include the exact shipping address and the date and time when you would like to get the product at your place. You should state whether you are able to pick up the product at our offices.

Retail or Wholesale?

Purchase volumes make no difference. We don’t have minimum purchase amounts.

Do I have to register to request an estimate?

Yes. It’s the way our company makes sure the information provided by our client is true. In addition, this will allow you to access your purchase history, orders placed, credit pending status, shipping, etc. You may also have access to special offers and discounts, and free sign-up for our Agropartes Blade’s newsletter.

Do you ship across the country?

Yes. You just need to choose a shipping method for your purchased product/s. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost.

How long does it take you to get my orders ready?

Once the money is credited to our account, it takes 2-3 working days.